Hi all! I want to welcome you all to my blog Endangered Animals! Here you will learn about all kinds of different animals that's species are threatened. My name is Jillybean and I will be posting regularly to update you on endangered animals! Take care and enjoy!

Monday, 18 March 2013


Hey all! I hope you enjoyed learning about endangered animals over the past few weeks. I hope you learned a lot of new things. I know I sure did. I also hope you decide to change your ways and take care of all the animals around the world. I want all these wonderful creatures to stick around for as long as possible.

What did we learn

During this blog I wrote about the following:

  • Elephants
  • Tigers
  • Panda
  • Red panda
  • Orangutans
  • Extinction
  • Causes for endangerment
  • Habitat loss
  • Ways you can prevent extinction and other animal endangerment
  • The different categories for animal endangerment  

Well this is it, I hope you enjoyed my blog. Take care and save the species!

Friday, 8 March 2013

  Here's a poem I wrote about poaching. Enjoy.


A lone hunter crouches in the dusk
His black and orange fur gleaming in the sun
His prey a small young elephant with ivory white tusks
The young tusker unaware that his short life will be done
But not by the tiger
By two young men instead
Who shall each shoot a bullet strait for his head
He won't be alone as he dies
The orange and black tiger shall be at his side
Their blood spilling and staining the ground
Two innocents who's limbs will be sold for many pounds 


Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Here is a photo page of all the endangered animals I have written about 

Animal I have written about will be in BLUE and other animals featured in the picture will be in PURPLE  

                           Long tailed macaque and Sumatra orangutan and her baby sharing food

                                                 South China tiger patrolling his habitat at the zoo

                Two Sumatran elephants playing a friendly wrestling game together 

                                            A herd of Sri Lanken elephants taking a walk by the water

                                                       Giant panda sunning himself on a rock

                                           Red Panda getting ready to take a nap in his tree


                All these animals are very beautiful, adorable and unique. We can't let their species die out.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Endangered Animal of the Week

Its a new week time for a new animal!


This is my favorite type of animal! I love orangutans and they don't deserve to be come extinct. These creatures are endangered and they only have a population of around 50,000. That's not a lot.

Orangutans are well known for their distinct red orange fur and their great size. Orangutans live in large trees and have adapted long and powerful arms for swinging. There are two types of orangutans Sumatran and the Bornean. Both are very alike and are both endangered.

Orangutans are endangered because of hunting, illegal trade and habitat loss. They are easy hunted because of their great size and slow pace. Some are also killed because they eat farmers crops. But this sin't their fault! Orangutans need to eat and their food source and home is being destroyed because farming and road building.

Orangutans have off springs every 3 or so years, this means it will take a very long time to have a population increases.  If a female orangutan is caught will with an offspring, the baby will be often kept as a pet. Please note orangutans are meant to be wild, they make terrible pets.

Cool Facts

  • Orangutans share around 90 percent of our genes
  • Orangutans weight up to 200 pounds
  • When orangutans are traded as pets 3-5 of them will die in the process
  • Orangutan means "Man of the forest"

                Orangutans live in trees where they use their long a muscular arms to swing from branch to branch

Friday, 22 February 2013


                                                   Look how much fun these guys are having.

                                                                            Red Panda


Endangered Animal of the Week

It's a new week and time for a new animal!

Giant Panda

There is a furry white and black panda who needs your help. The giant panda and he is endangered. 

There are under 2,000 giant pandas left in the wild, and they are the rarest member of the bear family. Giant pandas live in western China mainly in the mountain  ranges bamboo forests. Where they feed almost entirety off bamboo. 
Pandas are endangered because of habitat loss. New busy roads and railways are damaging the forests and cutting down the pandas souse of food and their homes. Although people are aware of this creatures endangerment. That don't stop poachers or hunters who harm the pandas while hunting a different animal.    

Red Panda

Cousin of the large black and white panda this smaller panda is vulnerable.

The red panda generally lives in the eastern Himalayas where they nest in trees and eat bamboo. But this is all changing. Due to habitat loss these bear like creatures are endangered. These creatures are losing their homes as we clear cut the trees down and are dying of starvation as they lose their main food resource. Red pandas are also often caught in traps set for deer and wild boar. To make matters worse they are also hunted for their unique fur and pelts. Can you believe that people will buy red panda fur caps! How cruel is that? 

WWF is constantly trying to help make a difference in the animal world. Check out their web site to see how you can help make a diffrence. 


Baby pandas are the size of a stick of butter! They need their parents to care for them till they are old enough to  provide for themselves,

                                                    This is a red panda cousin of the giant panda. 

Wednesday, 20 February 2013


Our earth is home to many many different types of creatures, but this is changing. The amount of animal habitats on the earth is decreasing. We have lost many different types of species to a number of different reasons. Such as: 

1. human hunters
2.global warming
3. starvation
4. habitation loss
5.over population
These are reasons for extinction caused by human.

1. competition of other animals
2. natural disease
3. natural climate change
These are reasons for extinction caused by nature

As you can see the majority of reasons for animal extinction is caused by humans. Our demand for animal resources,  is causing the death of animals all over the world.

Examples of animals extinct because of humans

  • Golden toad
  • Po'ouli
  • Tecopa pup fish
  • West African black rhino
  • Javan tiger
  • Zanzibar leopard
  • Spix macaw 

Examples of animals extinct because of nature
  • Ground sloth
  • Short faced bear
  • Dinosaurs 
There are lot fewer animals extinct because of nature. It was very hard to find animals extinct because of nature because the majority are extinct because of human reasons.

                                         Look at how many animals are going extinct!